Our Approach

Research has provided evidence that lack of proper spinal movement can result in dysfunction and pain. Evidence has also suggested that improper muscle length or activation can result in dysfunction. At Team Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we utilize a unique chiropractic treatment approach designed to evaluate these different systems, and then we provide a rehab therapy plan targeting your specific need. Additionally, we enjoy working with other healthcare providers. It is our opinion that having multiple clinicians working on the same problem will result in a better outcome.



We utilize the standard Palmer Package, along with techniques learned from the Motion Palpation Institute, a biomechanically superior, evidence- based, joint manipulation technique.  In other terms, using proven techniques to improve joint function.

Soft Tissue Techniques

We incorporate a variety of soft tissues techniques including Graston Technique, cupping, and myofascial release.

Graston Technique is an evidenced-based, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization method that enables physicians and sports medicine practitioners to break down scar tissue and reduce fascial restrictions. Fascia is a layer of connective tissue that covers everything in the body. It lies between the skin and muscle and penetrates deep into the muscle tissue while surrounding nerves, vessels, and organs. Fascial restrictions come from sitting in prolonged postures, overuse (repetitive activities), or from a history of previous injury which would include surgery. Many times scars from surgeries, including c-sections, can result in pain in all areas of the body including the low back. Graston Technique utilizes stainless steel instruments that will be moved over your skin in order to break up the fibrosis and elongate the fascial tissue, improve function, and range of motion. This technique has been utilized by practitioners treating everyone from athletes at the Olympic level to the elderly.

Cupping Technique is an ancient Eastern medicine technique used by acupuncturists. It has become mainstreamed into Western culture since debuted by Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics Games. Cupping is performed by suctioning a series of cups to a body region of dysfunction. In Phelps' case, it was his shoulder. The suctioning of the cups draws blood into the surrounding tissues, leaving the patient with a bruised appearance. On a cellular level, the body interprets this increase in blood flow as tissue injury, and ramps up the inflammatory process to aid in healing.

Myofascial Release is a soft tissue technique that is aimed at decreasing muscle tension by releasing adhesions in the muscle tissue that arise from repetitive use and overloading. Muscles are positioned in a shortened or flexed position, and while the adhered tissue is pinned by the provider the patient moves the muscle into a lengthened position. This is repeated until the adhered tissue releases, typically resulting in improved range of motion with decreased pain.

Graston Technique


Acupuncture/Needling Techniques

Needling is an evidenced-based, westernized approach to acupuncture. It is effective in the treatment of pain and movement pattern dysfunctions. Tender, taut bands of muscle tissue known as trigger points are targeted through examination and palpation. A series of needles are utilized to stimulate the identified myofascial trigger point, and begin to release/deactivate these "knots" in the muscle.