Our Promise

We are PROUD to be different...

Team Chiropractic & Rehabilitation prides itself at not just looking at the spine. What’s interesting is that neck pain is often related to improper shoulder function because of the muscle connections, and low back pain can be related to problems in the hip or foot. Without proper evaluation of all of these areas, your pain or complaint may not go away. We have a different way of looking at the body, and want you to realize that it is possible to restore function and manage your chronic pain.

This isn't a chiropractic clinic that prides itself on the number of patients that are seen in one hour. In other words, don’t expect to walk in, get “popped” and walk out. We take pride in performing a thorough physical examination, which is in compliance with the standards of the AMA and ACA. This exam is designed to identify the specific structure causing your pain, and enables a targeted treatment plan to be formulated and carried out. In general, we expect to make a noticeable change in four to six visits; however, some may only require one or two visits while others may require additional treatment.

We promise to...

Perform a thorough physical exam, explain what is causing your pain, utilize measures to track progress, listen to your problems, coordinate care with your health care team, and provide personalized, evidence-based care.

We promise NOT to...

Look at you as a number, see how many patients we can see in an hour, or sign you up for care one time a week for the rest of your life.


Our number one goal is to help you

Work Hard | Play Harder | Expect More